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Welcome to the online start box.

An online start box is not a new idea. Many clubs have online registration. This system differs in that it avoids using the USPS mail for any aspect. The waiver is signed on line. The event registration and payment is done online. Map delivery is a download and the event stamp on an insert card, is provided, all without a volunteer helping the process. This system can handle hundreds of events, a task that would normally require an army of volunteers.

You, the person reading this should be excited. Think of the advantages:

  • The start box always has directions.
  • The event is available 24/7. You don't have to wait until that shoe store opens.
  • No messing with checks or cash, it's just clicks.
  • The pens and stamp pads always work.
  • Your address labels always fit on the form.

For clubs, there is one important thing to note:

  • This online start box can NOT be used in conjunction with a physical start box. It is one or the other. We have experimented with this and found it way too confusing for everyone involved to have both active at the same time.

We hope that this effort will make Volkssporting more a part of your life by making it a simple and easy experience. Two generations of volkssporters have enjoyed the walks, bike rides and other events that are offered.

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