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Website design and acknowledgements

This website was designed by me, Chris Zegelin. I am an electronic systems architect and I live in San Jose, CA. My wife is Holly Pelking, an avid walker and AVA member. As of 1/20/12, she is the Pacific Area Regional Director for AVA. Her mission in life is to keep me alive and healthy so I am also becoming very involved in walking and club activities.

Website design is a hobby, not my career. My career focused on technologies like Wi-Fi, location systems and portable electronic devices. I have designed integrated circuits and have the dubious honor of being involved in the development of the first phone automated attendant. (So much promise, so misused!). This website is my second real effort, the first being for the South Bay Striders (, my local walking club.

The design of this site is all custom with over 12,000 lines of code (plus the included modules), 60 web pages, 30 include files, 16 MySQL tables, and more than 200 graphic elements. It is custom because it is nearly impossible to create a site with a diversity of features using an "off the shelf" set of modules. The result looks very disjoint and site navigation becomes very clumsy. The code is PHP, HTML and javascript, written in a simplistic fashion to make site management by a neophyte possible. The code has real comments.

The graphical design is an experiment. Most web sites simply allow the elements to flow on the page so that it conforms to the size of the display. This works very well for a site that presents static information and has few if any forms (The vast majority of web sites). This site is full of forms and special navigation needs. A free flow just felt wrong. The design is intended to be iPhone and tablet ready where the outside navigation banner is removed and replaced by a navigation page. So far the idea seems to be correct.

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