The 2018 California Coastal Adventure, September 10th to 16th

Imagine seven whole days of walking and sightseeing along the central California coast. Our adventure starts in San Francisco with a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and continues with other delightful walks in the area. As you meander down the coast, there are thirteen more walks to keep your feet moving towards Monterey and the Point Lobos Nature Preserve.

The South Bay Striders and the Bay Bandits are jointly hosting this adventure again this year. Everyone is enthusiastic because the scenery, history and food will delight you.

We will have several group events including a guided night walk. We will sanction five traditional events and use many existing year round walks to complete the adventure. The central California coast is usually cooler than anywhere else in the state during those sweltering summer months. If your shoes are melting you need to join us.

We will have special IVV stamps for all of the adventure events. Visit the table in Pacific Grove on the 14th through the 16th to stamp all of your books.

The basic adventure plan is to spend 2 nights near San Francisco (Hotels are far less expensive in Marin or South San Fransisco), one in Santa Cruz, and three in Pacific Grove, Monterey or Carmel. All of the registration and maps will be online so you can choose to do your own thing, as an individual or as part of your own group. You do not need to follow the adventure schedule to enjoy the experience.

For questions, or more information, text Chris Zegelin at 408-529-9724, or email: chris@zegelin.com.

Download the brochure - DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (It's a big file)

Print double sided, short side flip, booklet staple in center.

Download the 2 page flier - DOWNLOAD FLIER

Registration (coupon purchase) will be open Aug 6th. In the mean time please plan your trip and book your hotels.