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Local clubs host events for you to enjoy

There are two types of events;

Traditional Events

Traditional events occur over a short duration of time, typically one or two days. Once they're done, they're done for the year, and may or may not be repeated in subsequent years. Traditional events are still run the same way that the original German Volksmarches were run. There are people at the start and finish to greet you, sign you in and give you directions.

The calendar of traditional events page HERE, lists the traditional events that have been planned by California and Pacific Reagion clubs. You may also find and view the event details using the event search HERE.

Year Round and Seasonal Events

Year Round and Seasonal events are offered over the span of a season or an entire year. The event typically has a start box hosted by a local business. The start box contains all of the information to self serve your participation in the event. Check the listings to verify the times when the start box is accessible.

The events and location of the start box are found through the listings. You can start with the listings for a club in your area HERE, or go through the search page HERE

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CVA year rounds:

You will pass the old Governor's Mansion on the Sacramento Capitol year round walk. Ronald and Nancy Reagan refused to live there when he was Governor because it was "a firetrap". There is also a bike ride as well.