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Fun, Fitness, and Friendship with the CVA

The CVA is the state level organization for Volkssporting in California. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities between the 18 regional clubs and to hold an annual convention. The CVA is a non-profit association. Individuals cannot become members of the CVA, but instead are encouraged to join a regional club. The regional clubs are responsible for creating the events and activities.

The majority of events are walks, but there are also bicycling events, cross-county ski events, and swimming events. All events are non-competitive and self paced. The motto of the AVA is "Fun, Fitness, and Friendship" which pretty much says it all. All events must meet standards set by AVA and the IVV for safety and other factors.

This web site is intended to help people who wish to find out more about volksporting and how they can participate. It also provides the information and coordination that the regional clubs need. The Compass magazine provides a lot of up to date information as well as articles and event information. You can subscribe to it using the Compass link to the left. Below is a set of links specifically for people who want to learn more.

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