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If you find or remember your sign in credentials, they are still active even if you have used this account recovery process to send an email. Just ignore the email.

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This account recovery relies on the notion that you own the email account that you registered on this web site. It is your proof that you are you.

Sometimes emails are not delivered. In this age of spam some email systems are too aggressive and either mark valid emails as spam, or worse yet, they simply don't deliver them at all. This leaves you, the user, pretty frustrated.

The web master for the CVA cannot help. We are not a customer of your email provider, so they simply will not work with us to solve any delivery problems. We have reports that show these rejected emails and have tried to fix it to no avail.


The method that appears to work is to add the following email address to your address book. no-reply@california-volkssport.org Then send a short email to that address with the subject 'account recovery', and the word 'help' as the message. This will trigger most systems to start accepting emails, and no longer mark them as spam.

Wait an hour or two for it all to happen, and then come back and try the account recovery again. If it still doesn't work, I would like to hear about it. Please email me directly at chris@zegelin.com and let me know.


How do we prove that you are you. Calling us or emailing us is exactly what someone trying to break into your account would do. Pleading won't help. If you have set up an address, or a contact phone number in your account then we can use that to reset your password. Please note that I'm often travelling so it might be weeks before I can get to this.