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You will need to LOGIN or CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT to continue.

This list contains only those events where a club has chosen to make use of the online start box features.

You must have an account on this system, be signed in, and have signed the athletic waiver, in order to use this online walk box. If you have not signed the waiver, you can still register and pay for people who have signed. This feature can be used by an adult to register a minor or a friend.

Start the registration process by clicking 'REGISTER' for an event. You will be taken to the registration form.


This system uses an 'event bank' that is preloaded with real money from your credit card. We use Paypal to service the transaction. No credit card information is stored on this system.

It is not possible to refund unused 'event bank' money. Please consider this when you add funds to the bank to pay for directions and event credit.

Payment by check is discouraged. Checks are handled by individual clubs if they so choose, but most will decline.

TIP: You pay for credit when you complete the event and request your stamps. You can register for an event, get the directions, then decide not to complete the event. There is no penalty except for the fee to download the directions.