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An introduction for club managers HELP

Clubs can use this system to preserve year round and seasonal events that are difficult to support using physical start boxes. Many clubs have events that face the following:

  • The event is too far away to promptly service the start box. This can be a real problem in with some people driving 5 hours or more round trip to service a physical start box.
  • A club loses access to an appropriate start box location and cannot find another one.
  • The event loses it's sponsor.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time the online start box can NOT be used in conjunction with a physical start box. It is one or the other. We have experimented with this and found it way too confusing for everyone involved to have both active at the same time.

The system will grow to include additional helpful features. These are slated for 2018/2019.

  • The physical start box is a distance from the event start. You can provide the convenience to access the directions, pay and get an insert card without having to go to the physical start box.
  • Some clubs have their maps and directions raided by other groups. This system can be used to provide a backup source for these documents.
  • A traditional event is hosted in a park or place where the rules prohibit the collection of the event credit fee. This system can be used to pay without cash changing hands.
  • The system can also be used to pre-register people for an event. Awards and event credit can be paid in advance. A list of attendance is provided to the club.

Adding an event to the online start box is fairly simple once you have access to the club account on this web site. Access is granted through the email account listed as the club contact point on the AVA web site.

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Access club account:

  1. Sign in to your account on this site. You must use your username (email) and password.
  2. Click the 'My Account' tab followed by 'My Connections' tab, then at the bottom, 'Access club account'.
  3. Select the club from the list. Verify it is the correct club, then click 'Send email'.
  4. Read the email. The simplest is to click the link in the email, but you can copy the code and enter it on the 'My Status' page.
  5. The club access link will appear near the bottom on your 'My Status' page.

Take an event online:

  1. Click on the club name in your 'My Status' page.
  2. Click on the 'Events' tab to get the list of club events. Select one to see the event details.
  3. Click the 'Online' tab and follow the instructions and upload the directions.