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An introduction for the Volkssporter HELP

This online start box will appear complicated because there are so many details that you need to take care of all at once. The process is the same as with a phsical start box; choose an event, sign the waiver, pay for credit, get directions or the map, do the event, go to the finish table, and finally get your stamps. Phew... a lot to do.

In many places you will see a HELP button in the upper right corner. Click on this to 'dropdown' a much more complete description of what to do. Click the CLOSE, or anywhere outside the white box, to dismiss the HELP panel.

The HELP panel has some link buttons to quickly get you to where you need to be. More of these link buttons will appear after you have created your personal account and logged in.

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In your account:

  1. You will need an account with a login so that the waiver is legal. Start with Create new account and follow the directions.
  2. Once your account is active, click the tab 'My Account'. There are 5 tabs beginning with 'My Waiver'. Go through each one filling out as much as you can. You can always get to your account by clicking 'Account' in the upper right.
  3. Fund your 'Event Bank' with some money to pay for the event credit. ('no credit' or free participants may need to pay for the event directions. Read FAQ)
    You may skip this step and pay as you go, but it is harder to do the funding while you are on the road.

In the online start box:

  1. Choose from the online events list.
  2. Register yourself and others that attend with you. Proceed to the payment options.
  3. Make the payment and download the directions.
  4. Complete the event. (You actually have to make the effort)
  5. Go to the finish table. IMPORTANT: Put the date that you actually completed the event, not the current date.
  6. The Insert Cards tab allows you to download your insert cards for printing.