Privacy statement for

Privacy PHtttpp.... Are you nuts!! This is the internet. Anyone who can see something on this site, can copy it, and then publish it for the world to see. This site,, is all about sharing information and experiences. It's intended that the public will look at nearly everything on this site.

So what is the fine print...

We care about privacy to the extent that our personal stuff is also on this site. We will not intentionally make your personal stuff accessible to other people without your permission or a court order. However, this site is a work in progress and programming mistakes can be made.

You grant permission for others to view, copy or otherwise use your pictures, consistant with copyright laws. You also grant permission to an account co-owner or admin to make these choices on your behalf.

We will not publish your personal details, or make them available on this site unless it is needed as a public point of contact unless you give us permission to do so. Details include your mailing address, email address, or phone number. This information however will be made available to known members of the CVA unless you expressly tell us not to.

Please protect your login information and password. This is our primary method for protecting everyones information.