Walking Book Club

We wanted to bring something to your attention if you were not already aware. The Sacramento Walking Sticks has a Walking Book Club.  The Book Club Coordinator is Priscilla Fife, who is member of the Sticks but also President of the San Francisco Bay Bandits.  This type of walk adds a little flavor to the walk selected for the book. 

For more information please check on the new Walking Book Club page.

Home Page Picture

The picture featured is Calaveras Big Trees State Park. See the Upcoming Walk Brochures page for upcoming walks.

We would like to change our picture above to show pictures of walks our California members have done. We would also like some information on where it was taken. Please email to californiavolks2019@gmail.com Thank you.

Nice walking weather! Get out and walk if you can.

California – Things are starting to open up little by little. Getting out and walking is one of the best things we can do.  For those looking to get out on non-group walks, please check to see if the location where the walk box is kept is open.  A lot of the walk box locations are opening up but not all and unfortunately, some locations are closing.  If you have a question regarding a particular walk location and are not sure if you can access, please contact the club that has that walk.  Thank you.  Stay Safe!!

Please send me pictures of your walks so I can freshen up the home page as needed.  Would love to see where you have been walking in California.  Email to me, Judy, CVA Webmaster at californiavolks2019@gmail.com

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