California – Getting out and walking is one of the best things we can do.  For those looking to get out on non-group walks, please check to see if the location where the walk box is kept is open.  A lot of the walk box locations are opening up but not all and unfortunately, some locations are closing.  If you have a question regarding a particular walk location and are not sure if you can access, please contact the club that has that walk.  Thank you.  Stay Safe!!

Please send me pictures of your walks so I can freshen up the home page as needed.  Would love to see where you have been walking in California.  Email to me, Judy, CVA Webmaster at californiavolks2019@gmail.com

Home Page Picture

The picture featured is courtesy of Mary Bond. She lives near here and took the picture on April 23rd during one of her fresh air breaks while sheltering in place. It is a view from the Crissy Field Overlook which is on the route of the San Francisco Bay Bandits’ Presidio YRE. Thank you Mary for sending this in.

We would like to change our picture above to show pictures of walks our California members have done. We would also like some information on where it was taken. Please email to californiavolks2019@gmail.com Thank you.

Executive Director’s Update—Henry Rosales

Safe Practice Recommendations for AVA Events

The AVA Board of Directors has approved the reopening of AVA events effective May 1, 2020. This means clubs may conduct events but only if they are following all Federal, State, and Local restrictions and guidelines AND the Regional Direction has approved of the event(s). In addition, the AVA recommends the following event guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone. Clubs may decide to incorporate additional guidelines and best practices as they see fit or as recommended by their Regional Director.

The AVA has put together the following as a set of safe practice recommendations for clubs hosting AVA events:

  • ➢  The club or state organization hosting an event should continue to implement social distancing (6 ft apart) and health safety practices consistent with state / county / local guidelines in your area and where the walks will take place
  • ➢  Advise members who feel sick or display flu-like symptoms NOT to attend events
  • ➢  Organizers should coordinate the start/finish points ahead of time
  • ➢  Have a plan in place if more than the limit of participants (based on restrictions of your area) show up to walk

• A suggestion could be to establish a RSVP process and a maximum attendance limit for the event or for each group

  • ➢  Modify registration procedures; suggestions for this:
    • Volunteer workers wear masks/gloves (at start point & checkpoint)
    • Limit the number of volunteers in one area to two people
    • Spacing participants in lines as they wait to register
    • Having one or two volunteers dedicated to directing social distancing
    • Participants bring their own pens
    • Sanitizing all surfaces (rubbing alcohol 70%-90% could be used for this if there are no other sanitizers available for purchase)
  • ➢  Have participants wear face masks and/or gloves (at checkpoints & finish area)

• If possible, have a supply of gloves on-site and/or encourage participants to bring their own

  • ➢  Stagger participants at the start point
  • ➢  Have participants practice social distancing on their walk as much as possible
  • ➢  If possible, provide hand sanitizer (at start point & checkpoint) and/or make participants aware of restrooms for hand washingnear the walk
  • ➢  Let participants know ahead of time how safety practices will be handled for each walk
    • Suggestions for this can be to include information on how you will operate regarding COVID-19 into your event brochure
    • Use your club newsletters, event flyers, event brochures, website, e-mail blasts and/or social media to reinforce newguideline expectations for your volunteers and your participants.
  • ➢  If possible, have individual bottles of water available for participants and/or advise participants to bring their own water bottles
  • ➢  Advise the participants to bring exact change as another way to minimize contact 

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