The AVA (American Volkssporting Association) is the parent organization for the CVA. It is responsible for coordinating all of the Volkssporting activities throughout the USA. The AVA headquarters is located in Texas where paid staff keeps track of the walks and awards, organizes the bi-annual convention, and helps the regional organizations promote recreational walking.

The AVA is governed by the NEC (National Executive Council) who are elected by the regional clubs to serve a two year term. There are 14 people on the NEC, 1 each from the 10 geographical regions in the country, and a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Their website is http://ava.org/ .

The IVV (Internationaler Volkssportverband – International Federation of Popular Sports) has a rich history promoting walking world wide. There are over 30 countries that are part of the IVV with thousands of walks available world wide. As a part of Volkssporting you have access to all of these events and the participation awards to go with it.

The IVV is headquartered in Germany, where Volkssporting originated. The IVV web site is available in both English and German with news and event information. The IVV holds a bi-annual Olympiad somewhere in the world which includes walking, swimming, cycling and additional types of volkssport events.  Their website is https://www.ivv-online.org/walking-worldwide.html .