Walking Book Club

What is a Walking Book Club?

The Walking Book Club is a little like a regular book club, except you visit places and sites, if possible, in the book that is selected for the month.  Then after the walk or during the walk, you stop to have lunch and discuss the book.

The benefits of a Walking Book Club is that it covers three essential elements to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – mental, physical and social activity.

The book is selected ahead of time giving you a chance to read it and information for the walk is listed.

No Book Walk in July

Book Walk in August
Saturday, August 27, 2022

Middle school teacher Frankie Barrera, in small-town California, would do almost anything to protect her fiercely independent, impulsive younger sister, Izzy, creating an increasingly dysfunctional dynamic that puts them both in grave danger in this deeply felt if flawed sophomore effort from Chavez (No Bad Deed). Out of the blue, Frankie sees a description of her car, a vehicle to which Izzy is the only other person with access, on an Amber Alert concerning the kidnapping of a 17-year-old girl. She stonewalls police inquiries, then has little more success herself questioning Izzy. But Frankie starts to fear that this incident might somehow be related to the night five years earlier when she rescued a drunk, distraught Izzy, then 17, who had just crashed their mother’s car after a party near a ghost town from which another teenage girl never returned. As Frankie scrambles to investigate, extended flashbacks fill in pieces of that fateful evening. While some plot twists are unconvincing, the author paints a moving portrait of sisters stumbling toward an adult relationship, perpetually driving one another crazy, but also loving each other deeply. Psychological thriller fans will find much to enjoy.

This book walk will coincide with the August 27 Friendship Walk in Sonoma. More information to come.

Book Walk in September
September 25, 2022

On March 6, 1900, the bubonic plague took its first victim on American soil: Chinese immigrant Wong Chut King. Empowered by racist pseudoscience, officials rushed to quarantine Chinatown—but when corrupt politicians mounted a cover-up to obscure the threat, it fell to federal health officer Rupert Blue to save San Francisco, and the nation, from a gruesome fate. Black Death at the Golden Gate is a spine-chilling saga of virulent racism, human folly, and the ultimate triumph of scientific progress.

This book walk will be in San Francisco. Location TBD.